Preview: Who’s Who Of Before Encore 4

Rich Fulcher – 2008

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Rich is a marvellous whirlwind of chaotic energy. Identical in life as he is onscreen. When it came to doing photos, instead of giving a range of poses Rich offered up a different character for each shot! He’s a wild man, a she-beast, a squawking shaman of wonder…and a thoroughly nice chap indeed.
Go buy his book ‘Tiny Acts Of Rebellion’…available at all good and dubious retailers.

Mike Fielding – 2008

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Mike is quite simply Naboo in casual clothes; about as laidback and smiling as a chap could ever be.
– And I’m not poking fun at short people (or Mike who‘s grand in nature) but there was a quiet chuckle when after taking a few photos of him sat on the sofa, he got up and I didn’t even need to raise my camera any higher to remain at eyelevel.

Dave Brown – 2008

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
I missed out on photographing Dave the night I caught up with the rest of the Boosh boys: after a night and a day of rehearsals in his Bollo suit Dave had dashed home with a migraine. Luckily we had tickets for the Boosh LIVE on the first night at Brixton for The Future Sailors Tour (which fell on the eve of before encore 3 which meant after a day of hanging the exhibition and unloading vans I was in dire need of some Boosh relief). The Manager smuggled us in upstairs post show so I could corner a remarkably fresh, happy to pose and non migraine suffering Dave in the stairwell…(remarkable as he’d just done a further 2 hours in a fur suit under stage lights).

Ben Wilkins – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
I’d seen Psychofags perform several times over the years but finally got to meet up with Ben properly at Hari Anastasi’s (see before encore 3) ART ATTACK event. Ben was hanging out with everyone, enjoying getting trashed, Hari was hosting so everyone was in the mood for a good night. Post performance Ben decided to have a few more vodkas with us, pose for the photos, then he cancelled meeting his friends and stayed on with us all partying into the small hours.

Katie Esqulant – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
The Golden Heart, 110 Commercial Street, E1 6LZ.
Katie and her mum Sandra run the GOLDEN HEART pub on the corner of Hanbury Street and Spitalfields . The Golden Hart is THE artists pub and has pretty much been my second home since I arrived in London – initially because they served the best Kronenburg and then because I fell in love with Molly the dog. Katie and Sandra are the hosts with the most and bring to it enthusiasm, glamour and sparkling wit and a whole lot of arty love.

Victoria Sutherland -2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
For the past few years of following Patrick Wolf (see before encore 2) and attending every London date of his shows I’d fallen in love with Victoria after watching their onstage friendship and camaraderie and seeing them both grow. Simply put – Victoria is a star. An extraordinary musician and the epitome of a lady; it was befitting that she was wearing this ball gown when I photographed her before Patrick’s show at Koko. Ever since, she is has been amazed and bewildered as to why I wanted to paint ‘her’… It’s because, ‘Piggy, I love and salute you’.

Chevalier Chevalier – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Lead guitarist in alt-art-cabaret-punk group SLaPpER
For SLaPpER’S ‘CRACK O’ DOON’ album cover shoot we arranged to meet at 10am  in a little café in Ilford… a quick cuppa and a stop off to buy some cabbages as we moved along to our location… the underpass beneath the Ilford flyover. Freezing cold, receiving horn sounds and heckles from every passing vehicle as the band displayed their usual freakishness I managed to capture Chevalier in a somewhat sinister moment… Which is a clear advertisement for what SLaPpER are about?!?!

Darren Bancroft – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
During the time that Darren lived with Bishi (before encore 2), I met him early one morning when I had to collect my portrait of her that we’d hung at her launch party, ‘On My Own Again’ single. Darren chatted about the new band he was in and told me how they had, ‘just started making music’ and about a month later he sorted me out with some demos and their myspace details…WE HAVE BAND were born. I loved what I heard and instantly put them on my list for the next exhibition. As soon as it was convenient we met at the Hoxton Bar and Grill where they were doing a gig that evening and after they’d grabbed lunch, I pushed them into the disabled toilets for photos …it was the only place with decent lighting!

Dede Wp – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Dede is the gorgeous front lady of We Have Band: well, they all share they limelight and lead roles, but Dede’s always centre stage, playing percussion, drumming, programming, singing and inciting the crowd. Always with big hair, big eyes and a BIG heart. Dede is simply a Knockout of a woman!

Thomas Wp – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Thomas does vocals and plays guitar and bass in We Have Band. He’s a warm hearted gent and a thoroughly good man with a great sense of humour – just look at the We Have Band youtube channel and watch the ‘Blogging it’ bits! An unflappable fella who somehow managed to keep it together during their set at 2009’s Secret  Garden Party where some excitable chap in D.I.Y fancy dress of gaffa tape and a stuffed dog decided it was time to discard his outfit and shake his ‘junk‘ to the beat.

Sarah Gill – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Sarah plays cello with MADAM (Sukie Smith – as featured in before encore 3). She and Sukie played an amazing stripped down set at Before Encore 3. Sarah has that special something about her; not just musical talent but a glint in the eye whilst playing that makes the audience fall under her spell. I did the photos with Sarah in a tiny dressing room after an amazing Madam gig in Brixton whilst laughing (and I cringing) about some awful heckling that I’d been doing after a few too many. Luckily I escaped without Sukie slapping me!

Thomas ‘Kimono Kops’ Doren – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Berlin electro duo and remix outfit.
KIMONO KOPS have become my best long distance friends. We met at Hari Anastasi’s art attack (Hari was painted for before encore 3) and just exchanged a few shy words of admiration … and some drunken excitement and impromptu backing vocals as they performed. Two days later we’d connected through myspace and Thomas sent me songs that formed the basis of every house party. I asked Thomas and Katja to photograph each other (a before encore 1st as I always insist on taking the photographs myself). I couldn’t get to Berlin, so I sent instructions instead and sure enough a week later a selection of photos came through. It was perfect painting material: VIVA BERLIN, VIVA LA KIMONO!

Katjastrophe – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Berlin electro duo and remix outfit.
As with Thomas – Katja provides sultry vocals to KIMONO KOPS. She is all smiles and friendliness … it was Katja’s beckoning that got me on stage to perform ‘The Trade’ with them on hearing it for the first time. Kimono Kops are perfect pop with Berlin cool and Katja  is the sort of Katjastrophe that everyone wants and wishes for.

Oli Spleen – 2009

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
Oli’s an all rounder; musician, poet, performer and writer of ‘DEPRAVIKAZI’….a friend of Salena Godden (see before encore 1), who introduced me to the wonderfully deranged world of the Spleen. After ‘the flesh happening’ Oli has formed PINK NARCISSUS and it was at their debut  London gig  at the Bull and Gate that we took the photographs for his portrait. After the gig , which involved Oli dressing up as a blind priest, we partied all night laughing at Oli’s tales of depravity that would even make Burroughs toes curl!

Martin Tomlinson – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Martin is the front man of London band “Selfish Cunt”.
Brawled with Babyshambles front man Pete Doherty and photographer Andrew Kendall outside Buckingham Palace after Tomlinson apparently threw horse manure at the both of them.

Martin is far from a SELFISH CUNT. I met him years ago whilst at college and have followed Selfish Cunt as they caused a stir around London. Then came another connection as Martin joined forces with Sam Amant (who I painted for before encore 3) to make music under the name AEAEA. Music that is more than a force of nature Martin is wild and can’t keep still, the rather manic photo shoot happened at the George Tavern on Commercial Road – straight after the performance where Martin and Sam had writhed and rolled around the floor.

Tahnee Kaya – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
THIS TAWDRY AFFAIR’S Tahnee and Linda were introduced to me at my BIRD DOES BOOSH private view via Phoebe (see before encore 1). After we had a couple of beers and we decided to do a photo shoot in East Ham. The band arrived and we got ourselves in the mood with some vodka before we took over the alleyway. We made a rather ramshackle video for their song ‘Take a Look’  and you can take a look at:

Linda Rogberg – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
THIS TAWDRY AFFAIR’S Tahnee and Linda were introduced to me at my BIRD DOES BOOSH private view via Phoebe (see before encore 1). After we had a couple of beers and we decided to do a photo shoot in East Ham. The band arrived and we got ourselves in the mood with some vodka before we took over the alleyway. We made a rather ramshackle video for their song ‘Take a Look’  and you can take a look at:

Tom Lunn – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
THIS TAWDRY AFFAIR’S Tahnee and Linda were introduced to me at my BIRD DOES BOOSH private view via Phoebe (see before encore 1). After we had a couple of beers and we decided to do a photo shoot in East Ham. The band arrived and we got ourselves in the mood with some vodka before we took over the alleyway. We made a rather ramshackle video for their song ‘Take a Look’  and you can take a look at:

Jordan Cunningham – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
THIS TAWDRY AFFAIR’S Tahnee and Linda were introduced to me at my BIRD DOES BOOSH private view via Phoebe (see before encore 1). After we had a couple of beers and we decided to do a photo shoot in East Ham. The band arrived and we got ourselves in the mood with some vodka before we took over the alleyway. We made a rather ramshackle video for their song ‘Take a Look’  and you can take a look at:

Terry Edwards – 2009

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
Terry Edwards the legend . He connects throughout the project and all my musical influences, from his bands Gallon Drunk and Big Sexy Noise, to playing with the Tindersticks, R.E.M, and performing with Pauline Taylor (see before encore 2)…. He supplies Brass, keyboards, guitar and percussion like no other. We shot the photos at my friend Pete’s bar, Indo. Ros (my ever faithful friend/dog/shadow of 11 years) accompanied and we secretly swooned at our scoop. Catch Terry Djing  at Indo when he’s in town or simply salute him and his BIG SEXY NOISE…and he can actually play 2 saxophones at once; I think that’s a special talent indeed – although one that may be wasted!

Dusty Limits – 2009

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
Dusty’s voice is a dream. He’s all over London, one of those true all-round entertainers who’s so captivating that he’s constantly under demand and performing and we met up at the 2oth century theatre where he was performing with Johnny Woo, Ruby Blues and Empress Stah (all of whom have been depicted in before encore 2- which made me feel awful as Dusty had been on my list for a while and I just hadn‘t had time to get to him). He’s the classiest performer you’ll ever see. He’ll croon out some Bowie classics, some old standards, whatever – like a modern day Scott Walker, silver shimmer a go-go. Watch the crow fly!

Bird La Bird – 2009

Acrylic, emulsion, enamel and glass beads on canvas
Bird runs Bird Club, A monthly kneez-up for 21st Century Arthur’s and Martha’s!

Bird had just performed an hour long performance ceremony as the Queen at the National Portrait Gallery’s Late night Friday  for Queer Icons. Teeth blacked out and screaming. We did the photos afterwards in the alley outside the Retro Bar. A Bird in the bush is worth two in the fist. Fnar fnar!

Max Doray – 2009

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas is the right arm of Salena Godden’s BOOK CLUB BOUTIQUE BAND, the tattooed, tit shaking, bass player who oozes charisma. Effortlessly cool and charming and whose dry wit is coupled with a an addictive sense of fun, two minutes after the photos were taken she had transformed into a saucy head teacher/mistress and the book club were under her vice- like grip. Max Doray…PHWOOOAR!

Francois Marry – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Frànçois arrived in the UK from Bordeaux France in autumn 2003. Armed with a guitar, Kaos pad and a self released album and spurred on by a frustration with the lack of inspiration or like minded souls in his homeland, he immediately threw himself into the Bristol music scene. Early Sunday morning trips to local car-boot sales led to a vast catalogue of old casio keyboards and children’s’ toys soon to become his trademark.
It’s impossible to explain how much I admire Francois. He’s an artist, musician and all. He first contacted me through myspace at the start of Before Encore 1 and said he liked my work. The feeling was mutual. He took a break from music to gather himself and as soon as he relaunched with his incredible album, ‘La Plain Inondable’  I went to see hem perform and make his portrait. It was essential that I met him and it is essential that everyone discovers his unbelievable talent.

Rozi Plain – 2010

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Backing musician to Francois, fellow filmmaker and a singer in her own right. Her album “INSIDE OVER HERE” released on FENCE RECORDS is out and available to buy now.

ROZI is downright gorgeous! Naturally charming and sweet, she applied war paint in readiness for her gig with Francois at the Betsy Trotwood in November and when they finished we squeezed ourselves into the ladies loo to take the photos. The toilets were tiny but squashed in-between the soap dispenser and the hand dryer that kept going off we got the shots.

Thomas Truax – 2010

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
There’s a fine line between the unique and the insane, and it’s a line which New Yorker Thomas Truax (pronounced troo-aks) straddles with his chin held high and ‘The Hornicator ‘ firmly glued to his left ear. His collection of home made instruments look as though plucked straight from the mind of Tim Burton and are combined with loop pedals, guitars and lashings of imagination to create one of the most unusual and entertaining live shows you will ever see.

It is absolutely fitting that Thomas made a David Lynch album because he is a true eccentric genius. From watching him clamber over the chairs circling the room at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club to seeing him do the same (minus the chairs) supporting Jarvis at the recent live art event  in Shoreditch – where these photos were taken my admiration for him has grown. The photo is a joint portrait, Thomas and his friend and musical collaborator: The Hornicator, sharing the spotlight.

Florence Welch – 2010

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
I was first introduced to Florence three years ago after she played a gig at the Whitechapel with Bishi, it was immediately blown away and we emailed back and forth for a while trying to arrange a good time to meet… It soon went global and between the North by Northwest festival and the Brit Awards we kept rescheduling until finally I found myself being ushered into her dressing room at Patrick Wolf’s Palladium show and the portrait could finally be realised… FLORENCE & THE MACHINE… Long may she reign!

Alec Empire – 2010

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
It is Patrick Wolf and Hari Anastasi that I have to thank for meeting Alec. After years as a fan of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and Alec’s solo work I was stunned to find I had backstage access at Patrick’s Palladium show… I was feeling the nerves a little too much when I suggested to Hari that he could take a photo of Alec for me. Seconds later I was being dragged by the cuff and deposited on the main stage before Alec and introduced. Alec the king of Berlin cool posed and I had the shot in the second frame of shaky photography. A gentleman and a true star.

Fred Butler – 2010

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
Bold, bright and beautiful: Fred is amazing. Fred creates pieces for fashion shoots, tailor made props, Lady Gaga’s Telephone hat, Patrick Wolf’s owl, she’s an artist!

I pretty much stumbled into Fred immediately after photographing Alec Empire. She was backstage with Rowdy Superstar and I’d been a fan of her designs and her use of colour within them for a while – not to mention her blog lightens up my world everyday, everyone needs some Fred time. Her outfit that evening demanded to be captured there and then regardless of how much of a nerd I was, she put me at ease completely and every time we have met since I apologise for the sweaty, nervous wreck I was that night… it had been an eventful weekend.

Mica ‘Micachu’ Levi – 2010

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
Mica needs no introduction as I’m sure that most people own a copy of MICACHU’S debut album ’Jewellery’ released on Rough Trade. I first encountered Mica performing as support act for Patrick Wolf at Heaven after a full set wandering back and forth between girl/ boy/completely androgynous and then just lost in the music I felt certain that I needed to paint her. Backstage at the Palladium, Mica was as casual as can be, completely shy but with a quiet confidence that shone through.

Guillaume Roussel – 2009

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Its thanks to my friend Francoise that we met Guillaume. He was drumming for Rachid Taha at the Royal Festival Hall and Francoise had sent him all the previous Before Encore prints so we met up for a few beers pre-show…then post show…did photos and went out…then back to mine…drinking and talking, Tex Avery cropped up… And the chat flowed as fast as the drinks.

Rachid Taha – 2009

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
Thanks to Rachid and Guillaume’s openness and willingness to support struggling artists; Rachid appears in this series. Rachid’s music has been the soundtrack to our house parties for years and it was the result of a sort of ‘dare’ that I got to paint him. After a few minutes chatting to his manager backstage Rachid dragged me into his dressing room with a shout that we were ‘going to shag’ – in true Rachid humour. Inside we talked about his wife who is an artist, did the photos in a couple of seconds and that was it, then suddenly bundled along with the entourage of friends into a taxi to his friend’s bar ‘Momo‘. We were welcomed into the fold like old mates to party all night. If Rachid is in town, it’s most definitely party time.

Holestar – 2010

Acrylic, emulsion, enamel and glitter on canvas
…and go buy her single NYLON WOMAN from iTunes!

She’s the ex- army – club queen – vocal belter- TRANNY WITH A FANNY extraordinaire. An hour and a half of eyelashes and impeccable war paint and Holestar was writhing on the floor with her stack of wig exploding across the fake grass. Eager to try anything and in fits of laughter we even attempted some shots faux-teeth-cleaning with a used toilet brush! (editor’s note = she didn’t actually make dental contact with said item!)

Kal Lavelle – 2010

Acrylic, emulsion and enamel on canvas
Kal Lavelle is an Irish born singer songwriter now living in London. Her songs are instantly captivating and talk of love, loss and life. She was recently picked out as “one to watch” who “sings straight to your heart and leaves you breathless” by music promoters London Unplugged.

Kal stepped in last minute to showcase some songs at one of the first 10 Gales acoustic nights (thanks to an invitation from my friend K Anderson who I painted in series 2). I’d head her song, ‘Disaster’ and instantly fallen under her spell; deciding that I NEEDED to paint her for before encore 4. I’m really quite shy at times and was a bit highly strung the night we met, but Kal was warm, relaxed and I instantly felt like her friend, so EVERYTHING was alright…and then when I saw that 50p jumper I just knew.

Antonio Lulic – 2010

Acrylic and emulsion on canvas
Antonio sings and plays guitar (at the same time). The drunks love him, we love him, he loves him, YOU’LL love him and your daughter will love him too!

Having just recorded his debut EP with Mercury-nominated producer Julian Simmons, Antonio continues a hectic touring schedule delivering torrents of energetic, soulful and rootsy anthems like there’s no tomorrow.

Along with Kal Lavelle, Antonio jumped in like a true pro when I asked if he fancied a turn at the acoustic night. I provided him with the worst introduction ever … stumbling over his name (that he’d only just whispered in my ear) before he won everyone over with his songs and some very precise foot stomping.

Simon Bookish (Leo Chadburn) – 2010

Acrylic, emulsion, newsprint and glass beads on canvas
Discover Simon Bookish at
Leo Chadburn is a classically-trained composer, vocalist, arranger, who goes under the name Simon Bookish.

To cut the story short, I’ve been pretty much obsessed with Simon Bookish since the start of this project. Each of his 3 albums have remained on almost constant rotation on the stereo in my studio. He makes music for linguists and electro geeks alike, techno for horns and who knows what’s coming next. After three years to pin him down to shyly pose for photos, I finally met up with Leo at his ‘Heavy Pencil’ ICA gig. I became a nervous wreck of a fan, Leo‘s rather shy, Dannii Minogue was fluttering about (??), I was bumbling my way around the new camera, worrying about getting the right shot, battery was low, flash wouldn‘t work…quite simply, almost disastrous…But we got it because Leo’s a star.


3 responses to “Preview: Who’s Who Of Before Encore 4

  1. I really like it when you represent diverse people on your blog.

    I’m always so afraid you’ll just showcase the fashionistas and forget about the true gems.

    This shot is very inspiring! Thank you

  2. They are all so beautiful.:)

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