Thank You…03.06.10

So, where to start after the month that’s been?

A huge lump in the throat.

Clipped wings attempt to flap through a tired sigh,

…but really it’s all rosy.

Like a kid kissed cheek blushing with warmth: I’ve loved and loved you all for sailing the soppy soggy ship that has been before encore 4.

The big come down approaching but I know I have you…and after some time in therapy and a few half hearted attempts at getting my liver back in shape we’ll be back to do it all again.

For now all I can do is say a Brobdingagian and heartfelt THANKYOU to all that came and joined in our month of shenanigans. You all played your parts perfectly and hopefully we saw to your parts just as you wished.

This group of people you’ve seen cavorting…on stage, on the walls, plugging in electrical equipment and twiddling knobs, meddling with ipods, serving you drinks, begging for donation money at the door, running around like headless chickens…We’re a family; made up of new and old friends…and we’ve done it all together and will endeavour to continue to do so. It’s what we do because we have to. It’s a selfless love we have, and a selfless love we share, and we all THANK YOU for coming and making it special and sharing your smiles and warmth with us.

It’s all been done without a scrap of funding, with the pennies we’ve plundered from our own pockets and the money you paid at the door, and with a shedload of begging and favours…and some serious debts to the bank and friends who’ve been kind enough to bung out a loan. It’s been hard work, but we’re truly thankful.

…And as we’re now all family, this bird wants to share some names of the soldiers that have fought in the battle:


Firstly to JJ and Ernesto at 10 Gales for the friendship and trust, for giving us the space cheaply and for letting us trash the floor time and time again – and for getting us trashed at the bar too:-which lends out another set of thank yous to Pat, Mikko, Heini and Luis who’ve helped serve, mop, tidy and try to clunk bottles quietly while the shows have been going on.

To the people who posed for portraits for the portraits that have been the backdrop…This year and in all the previous years. I love you and you can see it in the results (hopefully, otherwise I really should give up the day job!).

To Ethan, Steevo, Niki, Phil Honey Jones, Dave Ferret and The Brute Chorus, The Dash, the people at The Haggerston, Tristan and everyone who’s done us amazing deals on sound equipment that’s allowed stars to shine.

To Christian and Daniel who’ve sound engineered and gone way beyond the call of duty to make the equipment work correctly…(and to Angelique for letting me steal Christian every Friday).

To the performers that have made the stars implode…here’s the list of love that I strongly advise you all seek out and follow and stalk and give unending support and love to:

Kal Lavelle, Kimono Kops, Klaus Trophobik, DollyOlli, (the) Sparklemotion (show ponies), SLaPpER, The ReVeRaND, DJ Miguel Fernandez, K Anderson, Antonio Lulic, Annie Windley, MARK WALTON, Ross Hobson (IMONOMI), Oli Spleen and PINK NARCISSUS, Marc and THE DASH, The New Verb, Sadie Lee and SPINSTER, Sukie Smith and Sarah Gill and the boys of MADAM, Terry Edwards, Dr Kemp, WE HAVE BAND, Fiona Bevan, K.D.F, HOLESTAR, Kat Flint, The Quiet Choir, Martin Thompson, Beth Dariti, Alison Brumfitt, Jessica Grace, Nick Field, Princess Knickers, Salena Godden and Max Doray and Mr Moustachio of The Book Club Boutique Band, Jamie Lawson, my fellow BIRDs…It would have all amounted to nothing without you! Your time, your love, your songs, your words, your music, your ears, your shoulders, your hearts, your generosity, your warmth and your insatiable appetites for mayhem are what make this anything worth living. I LOVE and salute you all!

To Suey-Sue for digital darings and jpeg juggling and your master touch at making everything Jou-Jou, to Steve for webbage and wonders and the occasional cat noise, to Hally and Martin for helping size up the stakes, to Marc for ignoring his leg and making up keyrings (and to Ian for putting up with a house full of plastic and paper bits), to RosDog for jumping in and out of cabs and toing and froing to The Haggerston with equipment and for being bar runner and for listening to the breakdowns, to Niki for the sparkles in my eyes, to Steph for hanging in there and joujing it up and being a true pro and just that little bit annoying and typically French in a Pekham way, to Ragga and Saggers for all the support, to Andy-Angela-Parker for door doodlings and dallyings, to Dazza for sorting out the ring, to Gaz for the flowers, to Keith for fox distractions and acoustic sortings and for the month long nipple game, to Kal for endless affection and chocolates and cards and being my new babe on the block, to Mr Marc Walton for the pits – the words – the comfort, to Sam for JEWbilations, Missy and Sandra for 20th century superpowers, to Johnnycakes for aural addictions, to Helen for blinding boulders and the little extra in my top pocket, to Tiff and Marcus and Francoise who put money (and extra life) in my pocket when I needed it most, to Salena and Sukie for always stepping up to the challenge and delivering more than I could ever dream, to Thomas and Katja for making the trip and for Starlights, to Darren/Thomas and Dede for making it a perfect private party, to Hari for seduction techniques and the opportunities, to Guna for cows and colours and inspiration, to Andy and Jen for Uptonian support and great beery and gobby nights out, to Jimbob for putting up with another Bird production and for being my longest and bestest, to Holestar for turning me upside down and getting it right, to the southend Birds for seaside retreats and the family affairs…Limbo, Libido, Logarithms, Lackadaisical, Lounging, Licentious, Limp, Lothario, Lentils…


to Knicks for EVERYTHING and everything else that money can’t buy and I couldn’t afford.

From the bottom of my art,

I really do

and thank you too.


your ever longing and lowly bird


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