Birds, Birds, BIRDS!

Now, technically this isn’t a before encore post…But it is my blog so I’m gonna blog like a blogger should.

More than a month has passed since the before encore 4 show came down. We had a splendid time – even if I can no longer eat or pay my rent…But that’s what an artist’s life is supposed to be like I guess!?! Luckily I had some old stretcher frames and some canvas loitering in my studio, so instead of crying over my desperate situation I turned to work: after immersing myself in my friend Jonathan Kemp‘s amazing book London Tryptich which I strongly suggest you order NOW ( . )..and here’s the first sneak peak of one of the new paintings ( in the form of a teaser ad – so ignore the text at the bottom if you wish) :

So, I’m on the hunt for a venue. Any suggestions/offers email me at . So far there are 4 paintings complete, each about 140cm square…with some slightly bigger ones to follow.

As usual the show is likely to be self funded (unless the offers come flooding in) so any help/donations or purchases of paintings will be greatly appreciated….AND WE’LL SOON BE ADDING THE PORTRAITS FROM BEFORE ENCORE 4 TO THE ART SALE SECTION so get your offers in quick!

The before encore 4 merchandise will soon be up for sale at but until then you can purchase by sending a paypal payment (through the BUY/DONATE section along the header of this blog) for the correct amount stating which of  the options below you require:

before encore 4 signed print (A2) = £10

Tshirt (S= red, M = grey,  L= blue) = £8 each

Tea-Towel = £5

RED before encore BAG = £6

before encore TRAVELCARD wallet = £3

(pictures of items are all up in previous posts so I won’t bore you by slapping them up again…and maybe you fancy a trawl through what’s been posted up before)

birds, Birds, BIRDS!

before encore 5 in production soon.




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