NORMAL framing fund – offer ends Tuesday 3rd Jan 2012

EMERGENCY!…and a special chance for YOU to be NORMAL!:

January 13th at gallery CueB: Bird exhibits the final 30 NORMAL works and NEEDS YOUR HELP TO GET THEM FRAMED!

The deal, buy 2 NORMALS = NORMAL.88 + NORMAL.89 (at the special price of £150 each) and receive a special commissioned-by-YOU NORMAL too. All Bird needs is the £300 and 2 photos (send 2 jpegs or you/your beau/your pet!!!??? and Bird will splice them together and NORMALise them). All 3 works will be delivered to you framed.

Each work measures 16inches by 20inches and come in black gallery frames.

You can be NORMAL too.

Money must be donated (via the DONATE link at the top of this blog) by Jan 3rd…which is also Bird’s Birthday!!!



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