BIRDS: the new exhibition and merchandise pre-order

ImageComing in October…a new exhibition!

I am beavering away on before encore 5 – which should be ready for exhibition in Spring 2013 – but first we have BIRDS. It’s an exhibition of 20 large canvases, 33 small ones, and 100 medical sculptures. It’s been a labour of love; with an emphasis on LABOUR…and the Love part fizzled out in the form of utter destruction – that’s the story behind the work so come see for yourselves at the exhibition…ALL will be told!

As usual with the state of arts funding in England, ie there’s none, some damn sporty shit-fest that is ruining the capital has eaten away any funds for artists so we’re left to rot and fend for ourselves…but luckily some friends pointed me towards SPONSUME, a way of funding projects by selling merchandise in advance (or at least that’s how I’m using it). 

So…I’ve been busy making a load of special handmade merchandise to accompany some of the products I want to make for the show. Pictures and info here:

I’ve made 50 unique pieces of art for the first 50 people to pre-order stuff. It’s a little way of saying thank you, but everyone who orders gets a signed postcard and an invite to the exclusive private view on Thursday 11th October: This will be a gala event with live music from some of my favourite musical friends, some will be performing music especially written for the exhibition.

My open heart is pounding with excitement! (and worry!).

xx john xx


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