Before Encore 5

Bryon Knight and The Liquor Store proudly present:

before encore 5

 a collection ofportraitsby john lee bird

@ The Liquor Store, Stamford Works, 3 Gillett Square, Dalston, N16 8JH

Friday 20th and Saturday 21st June 2014


The before encore series is an ongoing project that documents and highlights the friends and performers that John Lee Bird meets. They’re performers, club kids, drag queens, designers, musicians and visual artists.  They’re the people who inspire him,friends, collaborators and innovators; people he wants to shine a light on.

This is the fifth event in the before encore project and this year’s subjects include Ricki Hall, The McCarricks, Ma Butcher, Christeene, Fiona Bevan, John Sizzle, Imogen Goldie, Wilderthorn, Massive Ego, Matthew Stradling and Philip Normal.

John Lee Bird sets out to display each of the subjects as icons. ‘These are the faces that make the City alive! These are portraits of people who are sometimes on the fringe yet are significant players in what shapes the mainstream,’ says John Lee Bird. ‘Through the before encore series I hope to highlight their impact and importance as well as celebrate their spirit and character in technicolour.’

As well as showcasing the paintings John Lee Bird’s exhibition brings his subjects together to perform on the stage, often in new collaborations, throwing the doors open for everyone to witness and be part of it.


Press enquiries:

For a full list of subjects, details of performances, interviews and further images please contact: Emma Ferrier on 07966012429, or Ben Davis on



Editor notes:

John Lee Bird’s before encore portraits are executed in a bold, vivid style which makes them visually exciting and immediately accessible to all; an accessibility that can act as a gateway, leading viewers new to the arts to investigate other artists and their works. The portraits measure 5.5 by 3.5 feet and are rendered on canvas in acrylic and emulsion; bold and iconic; almost cartoon-like in style, rendered on canvas in acrylic, like Warhol meets Lichtenstein – with every eyelash and whisker detailed

During the before encore project, which started in 2005, John Lee Bird has amassed an archive of over 180 portraits, incorporating four exhibition/events, and is aiming to produce a book of the paintings alongside contributions from each artist depicted, with samples of recollections from communities that participated.

Previous subjects in the series have included; The Mighty Boosh, Jarvis Cocker, Florence Welch, Patrick Wolf, Le Gateau Chocolat, Scottee, Joan as Policewoman, Bishi, Jonny Woo and Paloma Faith.


Previous Exhibitions:

John Lee Bird has exhibited work in his hometown of Ipswich, Cambridge, Bristol, Southampton, Plymouth, Kielder (Northumberland), Summerhall (Edinburgh), Paul Smith and Theo Kerg Museum (Schriesheim, Germany).  He has also had various solo exhibitions in London including: Truman Brewery (Brick Lane), Start Centre (Woolwich), Phoenix 369 Gallery (Edinburgh), The 20th Century Theatre (Notting Hill), UBOX Gallery (Vauxhall), Simon Carter (Covent Garden), Stratford Old Town Hall, Performance Space (White Post Lane), and shows regularly at his studio in East Ham

Listings information:


Dates:             Friday 20th & Saturday 21st June:

Venue:            The Liquor Store, Stamford Works, 3 Gillett Square, Dalston, N16 8JH

Times:            Fri 20thPRIVATE VIEW 6pm – 7pm

Public Viewing 7pm – midnight with live performance

Sat 21st: 2pm – midnight, live music and performances from 3pm.




http://www.johnleebird.comaw_B4encore5_FLYERWilderthorn 2012Unkindness Of Ravens 2012 The McCarricks 2013 The Dash 2012Roxie Tart_2012 Ricki Hall 2012 Philip Normal 201311 Ozonna 2013 Nick Field 2012 Matthew Stradling - 2010 Massive Ego 2012 Marnie Scarlet 2012 Mark Walton 2012 Ma Butcher - 2012 Lyall and Tui 2012 Leigh One Little Spaceman - 2012 Lazy Susan 2012 kvb 2013 Klaus Trophobic 2012 Justin Hunt 2012 John Sizzle 2012 Imogen Goldie 2012 I Am Harlequin 2012 Harry Evans 2013 Fiona Bevan - 2012 Fannar and ma 2013 Ethan Mahieu 2012 D66 2012 Coppe 2012 2 Christeene 2012 Chrissy Darling 2012 Charlie Dawe 2013 Annie Windley 2012 Amber Swallowz - 2012 Alison Brumfitt 2012 A Man To Pet - 2012


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